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Unit: Bible Doctrines
Category: Walking with Jesus

People nowadays live much longer than in previous generations, especially people in the so-called developed world. In itself, that’s good, of course. But long life, if it’s just more years, is not always a blessing. It’s one thing to live a long time, but what about the quality of life itself? Sometimes doctors perform all kinds of heroic actions to artificially keep a person alive even if the person has very little, if any, quality of life left. Ethical people understand that quality of life is not restricted to an acceptable level of physical well-being; it has a wider application. What do we do with the years that we have been given? Do we live with a purpose and in harmony with others? Do we live in satisfying relationships with fellow human beings and, most of all, with our Creator? These are important questions for all who have been given the gift of life.

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