iFollow Discipleship Resource

iFollow Discipleship Resources

The iFollow Discipleship Resources are designed to be used in congregations to assist people in their pursuit of God. The curriculum contains over 100 milestones from which an individual, small group, or even an entire church can choose. You can find the content either on Pastor’s DVD volume 18 or on this website.

The lessons are designed to be used in small groups, pastor’s Bible classes, prayer meetings, seminars, retreats, training sessions, and discussion groups-and some lessons may be appropriate sermon outlines.

The iFollow discipleship lessons are divided into three general categories: Meeting with Jesus (does not assume a commitment to Jesus Christ); Walking with Jesus (assumes an acceptance of Jesus Christ); and Working with Jesus (assumes a desire to serve Jesus Christ).

Each lesson has a presenter’s manuscript, which can be read word for word but will be stronger if the presenter puts it in his/ her own words and uses personal illustrations. The graphic slides can be downloaded from this site as PowerPoint files or can be played directly from the Pastor’s DVD. There are also several group activities and discussion questions to choose from, as well as printable student handouts.

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