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The iFollow Discipleship Book Series

A library for discipleship training.

iFollow BooksThe iFollow Discipleship Series is a growing library of discipleship topics in a format that can be readily used by small discipleship training groups in churches, as well as by individuals wishing to explore the themes on their own. As such it is a companion to the discipleship training content available on the iFollow Pastor’s Edition and on the web.

Each book generally includes six chapters that can form the basis of a study of whatever length you choose, supported by discussion questions and activities, resources for spiritual growth, enrichment and quotable content from Ellen White and other Adventist authors. Each book generally also includes Bible studies, media and web links, and a bibliography-in other words, it provides a complete package of content and resources for discipleship training.

Delivered in five different key categories.

The books are grouped into five significant categories, based on the life-experience and interests of various kinds of readers within the Adventist faith community. The categories include: Journey, Discovery, Witness, Church Life, and Leadership. Each book contains a diverse selection of materials, offering pastors and church leadership the opportunity to truly customize their discipleship ministry activities around the needs of their particular groups.

The books are produced using advanced printing technologies that offer significant economies in terms of time to produce the books and the number of books that must be printed in the initial printing. While it is not “print on demand,” it will allow the Series to develop books with very specific topics for niche or smaller audiences-something utterly impossible only a few short years ago. This enables us to address the real discipleship needs of the local congregation in a flexible manner.

Priced to make them unusually accessible.

These are not “ordinary books”; neither is this an “ordinary program.” As leadership materials aimed specifically at supporting spiritual growth in local congregations, they are published as a joint venture between AdventSource and the North American Division-which means you can depend on the content and continued availability.

While individual titles are available for a very economical $9.99, even modest quantity orders by churches will stimulate quantity discounts that can drop the price to as low as $6.95—putting the books in reach of most small group budgets. The costs, of course, can be passed along to group members as a part of discipleship training.

Currently available books include:

Called to Teach, by Dr. Ted Hamilton. Called to Teach offers help for those wanting to expand their discipleship experience through the study and teaching of the Bible. It is perfect for enabling new Sabbath School teachers to become more effective in organizing their efforts and delivering powerful class experiences. It is also great for experienced teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level-or for classes and class members seeking to enhance their outcomes.

How to Reboot Your Spiritual Life, by Dr. Matthew Gamble. How to Reboot Your Spiritual Life is a distinctive book in the Discovery Category of the iFollow Series for several reasons. One of these is the personal way in which one young person struggles to discover Christ in the midst of a church life that seems strange and confusing to him. It is also an inspiration to “rebooting” our own spiritual lives through focusing on the most important things.

Getting it Right, by Dan Day. Getting it Right is aimed specifically at those attempting to lead a discipleship training effort in the local congregation, focusing in on the big issues that we must approach properly if we’re going to be sure the outcomes are positive and transformational. Author of over 30 books, Dan Day brings a clearly-drawn picture of life in the Adventist community and provides study groups with key spiritual growth principles and realistic targets they can reach.

Transforma tu Familia, by Dr. Alfonso Valenzuela. With an introduction by Tony Anobile, Transforma tu Familia is the first of our iFollow books to be offered in Spanish. It captures the essence of discipleship as it is envisioned within the Hispanic community, with a strong focus on the role the family plays in discipleship training.

Not Alone in the Garden, by Alvin Kibble. Built around the broad themes of prayer and meditation, including what prayer is, ways to pray, and what to expect from prayer, Not Alone in the Garden represents some of the strongest and most compelling of the more traditional themes in Christian life. Prayer is a central theme in several iFollow books, but is specifically addressed as a driving force in this one, written by Pastor, Regional Conference President and NAD Vice President, Alvin Kibble.

Autumn Gold, Winter Grace, by Ken McFarland. Aimed specifically at our Adventist believers who are enjoying their “golden years,” Autumn Gold, Winter Grace explores how to remain a vigorous Christian, at any age. It specifically addresses how to avoid spiritual stagnation after years of Christian living. Well-known Adventist author Ken McFarland, provides deep insights for the second half of life.

A Deeper Look at Your Church, by Dan Day. One of the major challenges facing the church, today, is the retention of our newly-baptized members. It is to this need that A Deeper Look at Your Church has been directed. It takes the new believer where the evangelistic series leaves him or her, offering deeper insights to how the church is organized, what its core values are, and how the individual can become integrated into its life. One of the most “requested” books in the entire series.

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