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Discipleship is a lifetime journey. There will never be a time when we have completed our journey. In fact, following Jesus will happen throughout all eternity. Because each of us is unique, our journeys sometimes take different paths. Each of us may have different milestones that we are pursuing as we follow after Jesus. To help us discover where we are on our journey and where the next milestone may be, iFollow has developed a spiritual assessment tool, kind of like a spiritual GPS. This online tool can provide some suggestions on what you may wish to pursue next on your discipleship journey.

The instrument is based on a spiritual assessment tool that has been widely used in research projects over the years including the massive Value Genesis project of the North American Division. There are 38 questions that you can rank on a seven point scale from ‘Never True’ to ‘Always True’.  This instrument can be taken online and will score your answers immediately. The results of your survey are correlated with the iFollow discipleship curriculum and your computer generated results will suggest several  lessons that you may wish to pursue. The spiritual assessment tool can be taken by an individual or a group.

Individual Assessment

The individual assessment is designed for one person to take the survey online and receive some personal coaching with suggested discipleship lessons. The individual assessment takes just a few moments and has the essential features of radio button entry and suggested lessons.

Group Assessment

The Group Assessment is ideal for designing a relevant discipleship curriculum for a small group, discipleship class, pastor’s class, or even an upcoming sermon series. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the instrument and print out enough copies for the entire group.
  2. Pass out the surveys and pens or pencils to the group, and collect the completed surveys.
  3. Create an assessment account on the iFollow website and enter the data with the radio button feature or with the numerical entry feature.
  4. Instantly view your report of suggested lessons and faith maturity level.
  5. Plan your upcoming discipleship curriculum based on the suggested lessons.

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