iFollow Discipleship Resource

The iFollow Journey

by Dan Day, Director
NAD Church Resource Center
July 2, 2010


The iFollow Discipleship Resource is about a journey. It is about our journey to better understand what it means to be called "Christians." It is about a journey that moves churches into new effectiveness and outreach in the communities they serve. And it is about the journey the North American Division has taken to develop a resource that is uniquely Adventist in its perspective, uniquely suited for use by North American churches, and intentionally broad enough in focus to be useful to the many different kinds of churches who are making this journey together.

For the Church Resource Center, this journey has brought us to the development of unique and compelling tools that we believe will be effective in discovering how to follow Christ, learning how to grow in Christ, and experiencing how to become a nurturing and witnessing community.

This process will be quickened over the next few months as all these diverse materials are finalized and begin to make their way into our churches. We are eager to learn from these initial and important steps in this journey towards discipleship. As the scope of the project unfolds, our conviction that this is the pathway that matters the most is stronger than ever. Thank you for your consideration of the iFollow Discipleship Resource as a tool for our common journey to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.


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