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What To Do With Guilt

Unit: Exploring Spirituality
Category: Meeting with Jesus

We live in a world that is filled with conflict and alienation, a world of fragmented and broken relationships, a world of lost dreams and personal failures. People are hurting for all kinds of reasons and often choose to resolve their pain in ways that instead bring greater pain to themselves and others. It’s so often the case that when we have unresolved guilt and pain inside, we lash out either at ourselves or at others. And the result is a “lose-lose” life. Is it possible to stop this inherently painful and destructive cycle of alienation and brokenness? Is it possible to live life with a sense of peace in a world of conflict? What can be done with our personal guilt from our own failures? Just live with it? What do we do with those areas of life where we need to either receive forgiveness or give it?

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