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Understanding Group Dynamics

Unit: Small Group Leadership
Category: Working with Jesus

No human being could begin to peer into the inner workings of what we call the Trinity or Triune God. We can barely grasp the concept that there is one God in three personalities. However, it seems safe to say that God works, and created people to work, in groups. From the very beginning (in which the three Persons of the Godhead are specifically mentioned, if one links Genesis 1 with John 1), God said it was “not good” for human beings to be alone. Central to the very first blessings bestowed on the new human race were marriage and parenting, thus establishing the most basic and foundational of human groupings—husband and wife, parent and child—the family. It could even be argued that harmony in the garden depended on the willingness of Adam and Eve to trust their “group,” defined as God, the angels and each other, and that sin entered because a divisive outside influence succeeded first in dividing the human pairing and then in conquering their trust in their one and only group leader.

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