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Unit: Spiritual Disciplines
Category: Walking with Jesus

John is the Bible writer who most uses the term “witness,” though Paul uses it many times as well. Most of the mentions of witness in the three synoptic gospels are about false witness. However, in John 1, John the Baptist is four times called a witness of the Light coming into the world in Jesus. In later chapters, Jesus calls Himself a witness to the truth, and accuses His hearers of refusing His witness. He also says, in John 5:31-36 and in 8:18, that God bears witness to Him, not He to Himself, and that if one does not want to believe God, one should at least believe the witness of Jesus’ life and works. In the epistles 1 John and 3 John, again it is usually Jesus whom John calls the witness. In Revelation, Jesus is the Faithful and True Witness.

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